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Yesterday, I was waiting for my stop motion project to render, and ended up on Buzzfeed. There was this post, called 11 Reminders That “Star Wars: Episode I – The Phantom Menace Sucks. I think it’s a general consensus that the prequels are not good movies and that it was a pretty big slap in the face of the fans. If you’re curious why the Phantom Menace is a bad movie, I recommend this very thorough review. Now that we’re settled, allow me to tell you why I’m talking about this list.

In the Facebook comments section, there was this comment:

This movie came out when I was in 3rd grade, and I loved it and still do. I just came back from watching it, and although it’s not the same as when I was 7, it still means a lot to me to this day. Upon watching the older Star Wars films, I felt disconnected. It didn’t resonate with me much, but I understand growing up with something and loving it. I think that people need to just get over the fact that prequel trilogy was designed to captivate a new audience of young people when they came out, such as myself. Same thing happened with the original trilogy. It’s just so freaking frustrating when people tell me or insinuate that I’m and idiot because I like the prequel trilogy more, when I don’t say anything much about people liking the original trilogy more. People like different things.

What do you think the replies were to a respectful, coherent, comment detailing the personal opinion of the author? Here’s the reply with the most likes:

You’re an idiot.

Oh, internet, we’re so grown up aren’t we?

I like the Star Wars universe. I’ve watched the movies, multiple times, I’ve read some of the books, and some of the comics, watched the tv series. I spent hours playing in my backyard with my sister, pretending to be Jedi, built the fighters with lego and learned to draw the characters with the tutorials on the starwars.com website. I never asked for a lot of toys while growing up, but for my birthday, I really wanted a action figure of either Obi-Wan or Anakin. I was left in the toys aisle to choose which one I wanted to buy and when my mother returned I still hadn’t chosen.(How can you chose between Obi-Wan and Anakin Skywalker. I mean, Obi-Was is Obi-Wan, and therefore, awesome, but Anakin has a cyborg arm!) According to my mother, my eyes filled with joy when she said that I could take both. And playing Lego Star Wars with my siblings! And the epic deathmatches on Jedi Academy! It was a very big and happy part of my childhood.

I think the best movie is The Empire Strikes Back. But, similarly to the comment that triggered this post, you know what’s the movie that I feel more connected to? It’s The Revenge of the Sith.

I was in the 5th grade when the movie came out. I went to see it with my father, in a very late showing, considering that I had school the day after. I loved it. The following day, in PE, I was called out for talking too much with a classmate (who had also seen the movie) for one the first time I can remember. That movie was what triggered all the things that I described above, and was what introduced me to awesome universe of Star Wars.

I get that the previous generation thinks that the prequels should be put inside very tiny jar, smashed to bits, and that those bits should be buried in a hostile place like Siberia. Maybe they’re right, who knows?

But what I do know is that by having that sort of attitude you’re shutting off my generation, who first came in contact with Star Wars trough the prequels. Maybe a lot of them, like me, went and watched the rest of the movies, and then read the books, and the comics, and played the videogames. I mean, what do you want us to do? It’s not like we can be reborn in the seventies, so that we can be emotionally connected to the original trilogy, right?

Now excuse me while I go back to playing Warcraft III.

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