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The Gap by Ira Glass

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Slam poet and all-around boss George Watsky. Winning quote:

i don’t believe in hell, but i believe in my parents’ couch

I wish I’d heard this message when I was 16; I’m glad I heard it today. Been one of those weeks.

Still one of my favorite videos on the entire internet.

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The DDC 50 Point Plan To Ruin Yer Career Portland/CreativeMornings - Aaron James Draplin

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preOCCUPATIONS - Scott Soens, Photographer & Cinematographer (by patagoniavideo)

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Schrödinger’s Cat illustrated by minutephysics.

Simply THE best explanation of this quantum physics problem I’ve seen. “Our curiosity killed the cat.

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Miss Representation a Feminism Documentary on women/media

Seriously, take 8 minutes out of your life and watch this whole thing. It’s a good breakdown of why feminism is still so important.

 ”What are the drawbacks of [having a woman president]?”

“Besides the mood swings and PMS?”


Worth a watch; it really highlights the under-representation of women in American media and power positions.


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Iain McCaig is best known as a principal designer on the three Star Wars prequels. In his new book Shadowline: The Art of Visual Storytelling, McCaig presents the stories behind the creation of key examples of his concept designs, illustrations and storyboards.

Come and talk drawing, story and the world of fantasy film with Iain in conversation with COFA lecturer Emma Robertson.

This talk was recorded live at COFA on May 10, 2011 as a COFA Special Design Lecture.

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Minecraft on the Crysis engine.

Need this.

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